A Nurse's Aide Was In The Room When The Woman Went To The Bathroom, But Had Left Her To Turn Off A Bed Alarm, According To The Report.

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Sign up for one of our email newsletters. The state Health Department has sanctioned a Harmar nursing home in relation to a resident's death from a fall. HarmarVillage Care Center is operating on a six-month provisional license as it puts in place new measures to prevent falls following the Feb. 17 death, according to a Health Department inspection report and correction plan. The department sanctioned the nursing home April 26. The woman fell while she was alone in the bathroom, despite instructions from a doctor that she should not be left unattended in the bathroom, according to the inspection report. A nurse's aide was in the room when the woman went to the bathroom, but had left her to turn off a bed alarm, according to the report. The nurse's aide said he was not aware of the order not to leave the woman unattended, despite having access to digital records of care plans for all residents, the report states. The correction plan says the facility will increase education and training to prevent falls and will create care sheets for each resident that are updated daily.

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