It Particularly Bubbled Up Among Two Communities That Mandy And Eric Are Part Of: The Classes Of Poynter And Onas Women In Digital Leadership And A Plan B Facebook Group For Journalists.

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karinew I spent 25 years as a reporter and an editor, and I was (IMHO) a damn good one. But to get that job these days, I need to know how to do some or all of the following: Coding (HTML or Python, mostly, maybe mobile apps), Photoshop, WordPress, video editing, InDesign, SEO/marketing. In other words (at least in my view), what used to be the core competencies of a journalist you are a reporter or an editor or a photographer or a graphic designer are now just elements of a broader skillset. This conversation happened in several places last week, including my inbox and on Twitter. It particularly bubbled up among two communities that Mandy and Eric are part of: The classes of Poynter and ONAs women in digital leadership and a Plan B Facebook group for journalists. Some answers have been edited for length. OK, I wont keep you hanging around at the doorstep any longer. Come on in and see what other people are sayingjournalists need to unlearn. Or forget. Or reprogram. (Im trying here.) And stick around until the end to see who our boss is for next week! Youll notice these pretty much fit into the three buckets we talked about last week: Culture, audience and practice.

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